Practicing HR & Writing About HR

It's a tough one...

But how do you write about HR, while you are employed to practice it? Especially when a declaration of secrecy has been signed to the employing organisation. Let alone the fact that all the confidential information that HR works with is already covered by the Privacy Act.

First of all - I don't write about what I'm doing. I write about what HR as a profession is/does/thinks. So no, my topic of the day is not what happened in the office yesterday.

My topics are from everyday inspiration, current affairs, life experiences and just general nonsense. 

And in case you haven't noticed, I'm only speaking with my very own, one-off and unique, backwards and ill conceived, but passionate, opinion. It isn't the opinion of any organisation I work for, that I am affiliated with, or am talking about. It's just lil ol' me.

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